Police still seeking identity of man found dead in North Myrtle Beach

Police still seeking identity of man found dead in North Myrtle Beach

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The Horry County Coroner is making another plea for help as his office still tries to identify a man found dead in a pool two weeks ago.

The coroner says cases like this can hit a dead end and sometimes they can only be fixed by the public's help and information.

Police have no idea who he is, so for now they're calling him John Doe. Officers don't know where hes from, just that he wound up in a North Myrtle Beach pool.

All the information officers about the the man is he was his 20s, has a scar above his eye and doesn't match any missing persons reports.

"Theres a family somewhere who is missing a child, mother or dad, and you know they have to be wondering where hes at and worrying about him," said Horry County Coroner Robert Edge.

Edge says two weeks into the investigation, things can be described as disappointing. He says unless FBI fingerprint tests come back positive, the last hope of identification is for someone to speak up.

That happened just a few months ago, when a WMBF News viewer saw a story about a woman who washed up on shore. That viewer recognized her face and her dolphin tattoo, and solved the case.

"Things like that, people pick up on sometimes," Edge said. "Somebody might notice it, somebody might not notice it, but hopefully somebody will."

Edge says social media will be the most powerful tool in this case, but luck will be a factor too. He hopes the mans family gets answers more quickly than in other cases in the past.

If you recognize this John Doe, call the Horry County Police Department Tips Line at 843-915-TIPS (8477) or HCPD Dispatch at 843-248-1520. Persons can remain anonymous if they desire.

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