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Chinese investors discuss Aberdeen Country Club and other area investments

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Source: Aberdeen Country Club Golf Course Facebook Page Source: Aberdeen Country Club Golf Course Facebook Page

LONGS, SC (WMBF) - Aberdeen Country Club was just one of the golf courses devastated after the October flood, taking on over 27 inches of rain water. Today, it's finally back to normal and folks say they are ready to make golf a past time once again.

The self-proclaimed Golf Capital of the U.S. took a hit during the flood, with several courses being entirely submerged in water. However, Steve Shaffer, general manager of Aberdeen, says for them, this reopening signifies the end of the flood and getting sports tourism back on track.

"So what we're looking for is for everyone to realize that the golf business is still kicking down here, everything is in great shape, we're ready to go again and ready for the tourists to come back and enjoy the beach area again." said Shaffer.

Another added bonus, Shaffer says, is the continued investment into the Grand Strand by Founders Group International. The China-based company has purchased 22 golf courses in the area over the last several years, but President Nick Dou says, this is just the beginning.

"We spend over 100 million dollars here, how can we just leave next year? Of course, we stay here." said Dou.

Dou says he has been all over America looking for a place to invest his company's money and finally found that place in Horry County. 

"Myrtle Beach is a diamond in the rough. We've visited Chicago, Detroit, Boston, Pittsburgh, even the south, New Orleans," he said. "We think here is the best place."

Shaffer says now that the flood is finally over, this could be the beginning of something even bigger than sports tourism.

"It seems that they're more looking towards, you know, let's build the area. Let's get it to become another substantial place on the map here on the east coast," said Shaffer.

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