Twins shine in music, academics on this week's Student Spotlight

Twins shine in music, academics on this week's Student Spotlight

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Two students are doubling their efforts when it comes to their music careers and academics.

"You always have someone there to be your best friend. You always have someone to work with. It's nice," George Jennings said.

The duet has been making music together for the past four years and they're really making their mark on North Myrtle Beach High School.

Brian and George's band teacher said Brian is First Chair Viola in All-State, which means he's the best viola player in the state, of all ninth and tenth graders.

George is Third Chair All-state in cello.

"I play the cello. I really like the sound of the cello whenever we went over to the middle school to watch them play.  I just had an immediate connection with it," George Jennings said.

"I play viola because it's like a mixture of the cello and the violin. It's one of the most popular instruments, so basically you get the best of both worlds," Brian Jennings said.

Speaking of the best of both worlds, the boys aren't only good at music.

"I just finished Algebra Two last semester. I'm in ninth grade and that's an 11th grade class," George Jennings said.

"I'm taking Algebra Two now, and I took English Two last semester," Brian Jennings said.

The two have performed in numerous shows and have a surplus of accolades to go with them.

The duo said they plan on going to the same college and eventually working in the same field.

"I want to be either a music teacher or I want to play in a professional Orchestra," George Jennings said.

"I want to be a music teacher, or I want to be a soloist or play in a professional band," Brian Jennings said.

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