Jeb Bush says Trump is "hijacking" Republican party

Jeb Bush says Trump is "hijacking" Republican party

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was back along the Grand Strand Wednesday taking questions from constituents during a town hall event at Springmaid Beach Resort.

"What I want America to do again is lead," Bush said.

He believes he should be South Carolina's choice for the Republican nomination, that he could unify the party.

Senator Lindsey Graham has endorsed Bush and introduced him to the crowd of several hundred people in the Carolina Ballroom.

"This isn't about me or my family, this is about your families," Bush said."You've got to start with the premise that people may have a different view...I think we have to resist the temptation to demonize the opponent."

But his troubles may lie in things he can't control, that there are just too many options for voters heading to the polls on February 20.

"There's so many candidates out there you never know until it comes down to it who's going to be the best one," town hall attendee John Weber said.

"I am undecided, but I have a feeling I know who I'm going to vote for but I don't know, we'll see," Donna Poplin said.

Undecided voters are becoming the focus of some presidential campaigns, including Senator Marco Rubio's.

However, Bush touted his experience in Florida as why people should choose him.

"What I'm for is a 'right to rise society,'" Bush said.

He steered clear of remarks on most of the other republican candidates. But when it came to Donald Trump, Bush didn't hold back.

"It bothers me a bit that this party that I love, the philosophy I love, has been hijacked by an entertainer," Bush said."He does feed this deep anxiety and anger that people feel, and I respect the fact that they're angry and they have anxiety for legitimate reason...but he's not going to solve their problems...I can."

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