MB Police arrest man for strong armed robbery December incident

MB Police arrest man for strong armed robbery December incident

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Officers with the Myrtle Beach Police Department made an arrest on Wednesday, February 17 in reference to a strong armed robbery that happened in the area of Lumber St. and 8th Ave. on December 17. Reports say one man was jumped and kicked after he was pushed in the roadway.

Officers were waved down by a passenger who said two males were jumping another male in front of Better Brands. While en-route to the incident, officers observed two black male suspects. One of the suspects was on a lime green moped, the second male was on a bicycle and holding onto the rear of the moped.

Both suspects were heading south on Lumber Street in the direction of Hwy 501.Responding officers continued towards the location where the passerby said someone was being assaulted.

As officers were pulling on scene they observed the victim stumbling into the road where he finally layed down and said he was jumped by "Bill-Bill" and another male who he didn't know. He said they took his phone, bike, and a bag of hygiene products.

The victim told police he was heading south on Lumber Street on his bike when the two suspects were going in the opposite direction on a moped and as they were passing him they grabbed him by the sleeve pulling him off the bike and ran onto the ground.

Both suspects allegedly kicked him on the ground, according to reports. The victim suffered scrapes on his knee and lower back injuries to his ribs, and there appeared to be blood in his mouth and his sweater was ripped at the collar.

Police arrested 28-year-old Everett Ford, on February 17 for strong armed robbery, according to Myrtle Beach Police reports.

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