Immigration reform a top priority for Myrtle Beach Business leaders

Immigration reform a top priority for Myrtle Beach Business leaders

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Several business men and women were at Island Vista Resort Wednesday to discuss their issues with immigration reform by laying out certain problems each of them face. Among them was Chinese Immigrant turned legal US citizen, Nick Dou.

Dou is the President of Founders Group International, a company that recently purchased 22 golf courses in the Grand Strand Area.

"We need a lot of employees, maybe from overseas, like immigrants, for labors." said Dou.

However, Dou said the current state of immigration is making it harder to find those employees.

"It's very difficult to get all these visas. H1 visas takes six, almost 8 years."

Founders Group International currently has a thousand employees locally, but Dou said they still have openings for jobs that are harder to fill. That's why Dou said he wanted to attend this meeting, to voice his concerns on immigration reform. He spoke to the group also about the difficulties of securing a work visa or green card, and said if the process were made easier, there may not be as many immigrants crossing the borders illegally.

"Construction laborers, cleaners, babysitters. In the US, this kind of market is huge. They cannot get a visa legally to enter the United States. The only way is if they cross the border." said Dou.

Others expressed similar opinions, saying that the hotel business needs more employees during the tourist season, and those jobs are generally suited for immigrants visiting from other countries.

The group talked about the different presidential candidates and their stances on immigration, with some GOP members promoting mild reform, and others like Donald Trump pushing for wide spread deportation. Walter Whetsell, a political consultant, said the point of these meetings is to share thoughts and ideas to better understand the issues and therefore which candidates stack up the best.

"They're looking for the opportunity to unveil themselves of the presidential candidates that are coming through here in the next few days to try and get some clarification on where some of those candidates stand on the issues that matter," said Whetsell.

Mostly everyone seemed to be pleased with the meeting due to the bipartisanship and common sense approach, and they say THEY would to like to see more of the same from their presidential candidates.

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