Sen. Marco Rubio speaks to packed house in North Myrtle Beach

Sen. Marco Rubio speaks to packed house in North Myrtle Beach

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Senator Marco Rubio spoke to a packed house at Barefoot Resort's Conference Center in North Myrtle Beach just four days away from the South Carolina Republican Primary.

Nearly 600 chairs were filled with anxious voters wanting to hear how Rubio plans to create "a new American century," while many others stood around the room.

"Today I'm here to ask you for your vote because I'm as conservative as anyone running, but I'm a conservative that can win."

Rubio believes that if he is able to win the Republican nomination, he will ultimately win the White House.

"There's no doubt that whether you're first place or second place or even third in South Carolina, it creates some momentum," SC Senator Tim Scott said. "Driving the momentum into the next state is incredibly important, and South Carolina will at least be a springboard for that momentum."

While Rubio brought a lot of laughs, he also focused on veterans' issues, unemployment, and national security among other issues.

Some voters believe Rubio could offer a fresh perspective as President.

"I intend to be the President of all Americans," Rubio said. "If you want to be President you have to love the American people, even those that do not love you back."

While in North Myrtle Beach, Rubio gained support from Mayor Marilyn Hatley who said she now endorses him.

Meanwhile, Congressman Tom Rice has been mute about endorsing any candidates after his original choose, Lindsay Graham, dropped out of the race. However, he was in attendance Tuesday night and helped introduce Rubio along with Scott.

WMBF News requested to interview Rubio after the event, but we were told by his staff that there just wasn't time.

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