Myrtle Beach seeks grant for two outdoor projects

Myrtle Beach seeks grant for two outdoor projects

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The City of Myrtle Beach is hoping to secure funding for two different projects in city limits that will promote outdoor activity. 
It's asking the state to fund the majority of both of them.  Off Farrow Parkway, the city is finishing putting in paths around a lake to make a new green space that will be called Linear Park.

In that area, an old building the city now owns is sitting unused. The city wants to renovate it, and turn it into a restroom for people using the park.
The grant money would be used for another feature as well.

"On the banks of that lake, because the bank is sloped, we're thinking of putting in an outdoor classroom that can be used by a lot of different organizations in the community," explained Kelly Mezzapelle, a planner with the city. "Teachers can bring their kids there. Or we can have small shows there, people could just use it as a multi-use space when there isn't something going on in the park."

To the south of The Market Common, after Farrow Parkway winds down to Kings Highway, the city wants to turn a 10-acre track of land into a beginner mountain bike trail. This project is between Mallard Lake Drive and Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson. It would connect to the East Coast Greenway, and even to the other project, and all of The Market Common.

"You will easily be able to ride your bike between the two, because we have connected bike ways all the way between both projects," Mezzapelle said. "We're starting to get that connectivity that we've been talking about for the past couple of years, connecting up the bicycle facilities that we have in town."
If the state approves the grants, the city hopes to begin the work and finish both projects within the next year and a half. Residents will get to enjoy both spaces, and the projects shouldn't cost taxpayers a dime.

The state would fund 80 percent of the projects, and the city would be required to front the remaining 20 percent.  But, that can be funded with "like-kind" expenses, like volunteer work.  A cycle group has already offered to do the work to fund 20 percent of the beginner mountain bike trail, and the city is working to find a solution for Linear Park.

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