Man chased, shot at 2 teenage boys in North Myrtle Beach, report states

Man chased, shot at 2 teenage boys in North Myrtle Beach, report states

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A 34-year-old man was arrested Monday after two teenage boys reported that he fired shots at them and chased them in a car as they drove away from a home in North Myrtle Beach Friday night.

Richard Brandon Suggs, of Longs, was charged with first-degree assault and battery, and pointing and presenting firearms at a person, and was booked into jail Monday morning.

On Friday night, police met with a 16-year-old boy who told police that he and a 15-year-old boy were over at a girl's house to "chill out," according to the Horry County Police report. When they saw the parents coming, the girl made them leave out the window.

As the boys were running to their parked vehicle, Suggs tried to stop them by blocking their vehicle in, the boys told police. They then saw Suggs reach for his boot, pull out a handgun, and fire at them, the report states. The teens drove off, and as they exited through the front gate of the neighborhood, Suggs allegedly fired another shot at them and continued to chase them.

The teens continued to speed up, as Suggs was trying to pull up next to them in his vehicle, the report states. They then ran the light at Robert Edge Parkway because Suggs allegedly shot at their vehicle again. Suggs continued to chase the teens as they turned onto Highway 90, and shot at them again, they told police. As they passed Mt. Zion Road, Suggs stopped chasing them.

Police responded to the address in Pelican Bay where the incident started, and spoke to Suggs, who admitted to driving up to the teen's vehicle. He said the driver took off abruptly, almost running him over. He told police he fired two shots in the air and gave chase to the teen's vehicle, but denied chasing it all the way down to Hwy. 90.

Police also spoke to an Horry County Dispatch Supervisor, who said she received a call from Suggs and patched him over to North Myrtle Beach because of his location at the time of the call. She said North Myrtle Beach passed the call back to them, and Suggs would not cooperate, and kept hanging up on her, until he said, "The hell with it, I will take care of it myself," and hung up.

On Saturday, Horry County Police presented the facts of the incident to a judge, who found probable cause to issue arrest warrants for Suggs.

Suggs was arrested, booked into the J. Reuben Long Detention Center Monday morning, and released Monday afternoon on a $3,500 bond, according to jail records.

Mother Shauna Riley said, "My heart was so heavy, I was so shaken up from the phone call, and when I called 911 I told them they are on highway 90 that's all I know, that's all he could tell me i'm on highway 90 someone is chasing us shooting at us.  

"For you to say that you saw them coming from around the corner of a neighbor's house and you thought it was okay when you were never in any EMINENT danger, that's not going to fly with me."

According to the report, the boys were visiting Suggs' girlfriend's daughter and when the girl said her mom was coming home the boys snuck out. But when they ran into Suggs that connection wasn't known.

Suggs thought they were doing harm to a neighbor's home, and told police he was nearly hit by their car during the confrontation.

Riley said, "these kids were terrified, the looks on their faces, they were just physically and emotionally drained. they crashed as soon as they got to where I was at. Both boys are good kids and all she can think about is how much worse it could have been."

Riley said, "I would have never known why he was back there, wouldn't have known if anyone was chasing him because no bullets hit the car. Riley feels for all of the teens involved and urges parents to always know where their children are and children to know never to visit a friend's house without the parents there."

Riley said, "my son was told from the beginning you are never allowed to go to someone's house without the parents being there. Ever. So i'm just glad this learning experience didn't end tragically. As for Suggs, he was charged and released from jail on a 35 thousand dollar bond."

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