Surfside Beach compromises on trash overflow problem

Surfside Beach compromises on trash overflow problem

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Businesses and realtors in Surfside Beach said a new trash pick-up schedule could mean more return visitors. During a Surfside Town Council workshop Monday morning, neighbors, town council members and the public works director came up with a solution to minimize the amount of trash that sits along the curb during the busy summer months.  Many complained last summer when the issue became a big problem.

People who live in Surfside Beach have been fighting to get the trash picked up more than once a week since the summer.

Travis Worthy, a local resident and Surfside Reality director of business development, said the issue with the guests is, "they don't even realize that there's a trash issue until they see the overflow, and then it gets to be nasty to them."

Houses in the busiest areas of Surfside Beach will have trash picked up Saturdays, Mondays and Thursdays starting in May.

The director of public works said that although they are working hard to minimize the problem, it will never completely go away.  He said that the trash overflow from the rentals will depend on the number of people staying at that house, and that varies week to week.

An official notice about the change will be sent out in April.

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