'Big Announcement' for Grand Strand economy coming in April

'Big Announcement' for Grand Strand economy coming in April

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A big announcement for the economy along the Grand Strand could be coming in the next few months.

Mayor John Rhodes sat down with WMBF News Monday to talk about his trip to China with Horry County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus.

The trip was a first for the city and county, working together to spark economic development. Their goal was to learn more about the Chinese investors who have already put their stakes into Myrtle Beach, as well as, luring other investors to put their money into our beach side community.

"We're here to help improve our community more than what it is today, and the only way to do that is to go out and find the investors that are needing to come here," Rhodes said. "We've got several areas of blighted properties throughout the city, throughout the county, that are sitting there and that need something to be done on it."

During the interview, Rhodes said we could expect news in April about investments coming to the Myrtle Beach area, but he wouldn't release specific details about the announcement.

However, he did say that a delegation of Chinese investors will be coming to the Grand Strand during that time.

He mentioned tourism and also hinted at other potential opportunities.

"We were there looking at what kind of investments can we look at from Chinese investors that would help out our area in tourism and also in economic development, some type of maybe electronic business," Rhodes said.

Just last year, we saw a Chinese investment group buy 22 golf courses in and around the Myrtle Beach area.

For Rhodes, bringing new opportunities to the Grand Strand is his aim, no matter where the investors live.

"Land is for sale, buildings are for sale, and there's no criteria on who can buy that,what nationality," Rhodes said."It's up to us to look at how do we fill those voids that are here on the Grand Strand and in the county that would help produce jobs."

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