Conway community rebuilding after residential flooding

Conway community rebuilding after residential flooding
Flooded road along the Waccamaw River
Flooded road along the Waccamaw River

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - One Conway community is putting the pieces of their lives back together yet again after heavy rainfall led to flooding this past week. But time will only tell when they will be able to get their lives back to normal.

What were once roads and lawns are now an extension of the Waccamaw River with the shallowest of standing water to be shin-deep. After a series of destructive floods, this neighborhood is fighting to protect their homes from the quickly rising water levels.

Maurice Stephens is one of those residents who's not giving up without a fight. Maurice moved into his home along the river eight years ago and throughout that time, he said he's seen his fair share of floods--some worse than others.

"You know it comes with the territory living down here, but it's certainly been unusual here in the last six months to have it happen three times...we certainly don't need any more rain down this way."

But with a home elevated 10-feet off the ground and a sea wall filled with dirt to keep the backyard separate from the river, Maurice is better off than some of his neighbors who've lost everything. Even with these precautions he's taken, he says only so much can be done.

"When you have this much water, you can't stop it. No one can stop it and you just deal with it."

Although sometimes he feels like he just can't catch a break, Maurice said he plans to continue living along the Waccamaw.

"People down here understand the risk and the rewards because it's a great place to live. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

Horry County public safety officials have been patrolling the flooded areas on a daily basis. Based on the extent of the flooding, they have been closing roads as necessary.

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