Homeowners dealing with more flooding road closures

Homeowners dealing with more flooding road closures

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - With the weather projected to get colder and wetter over the next few days, more roads are being closed. In Horry County, five roads are now closed down because of flooding.

On Thursday, Public Works fully closed down Pitts Landing Road, Hughes Landing Road, and Yauhannah Landing. Landing Road and Pitch Landing road are only open for local traffic.

"Everything that's already happened, and these residents have to go through all this over again? It blows my mind," said Eva Lillemoen.

Homeowners, like the ones off Pitch Landing road, aren't unfamiliar to this flooding; in fact, they're still cleaning up from the last floods.

They say they're not getting used to this, they're getting sick of it.

"We're having to tear down ply-board walls, replace walls, rebuild docks, pressure wash the driveways underneath the houses," said Jenny Todd, another homeowner off Pitch Landing Road.

Some, like Todd, say there's something making this round of flooding even worse. On Thursday alone, she says a number of sightseers are coming down the closed roads, inconveniencing everyone else.

"They just go by on the river, and on the road, and have no respect of the water, the waves they're pushing, and what damage it does to the property," Todd said.

She says she hopes people will follow the county's road closures moving forward, because cleanup is hard enough, without the extra hassle.

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