Ohio governor, GOP candidate Kasich campaigns in Florence

Ohio governor, GOP candidate Kasich campaigns in Florence

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Governor John Kasich wrapped up his third stop in South Carolina Thursday evening in the Pee Dee. It was standing room only at his town hall event at Francis Marion University. Kasich brought a positive tone about his campaign hoping that will  help him win the presidency.

Governor Kasich started out saying, "I'm a Kasich Republican. That's what I am." He wanted the people in the room tonight to hear if he is elected, a balanced budget will be his number one priority.

He said, "When you balance budgets you can create economic certainty and the most important thing anybody can do in life in politics is create an environment for job growth."

Matthew Small was in the crowd supporting Kasich. He believes Kasich has enough experience to get things done to help make this a better country. "He was both the Governor and a U.S. representative; you know he's got experience at the federal level and state level. He's an executive," Small said.

Lester Gore agrees. He said, "I feel good about it - I feel like the country is starting to wake up now, and in my opinion move away from Trump to somebody that will really help this country."

Kasich told the crowd he plans to repeal Obamacare for three reasons. He said, "It doesn't deal with the problem of rising healthcare costs. Two, its driven up insurance costs in my state on average of 80 percent, and three if you're a small business person you don't want to expand because you don't want to get caught in the web of Obamacare."

Kasich took a stance on staying positive throughout his campaign and believes that will put him on top.

"When you generate momentum on the basis of trashing somebody else, I don't think it goes very well or very far, but when you can talk to people and inspire them with something you can see your vision which is positive. You can change the world and that's what I plan to do," Kasich said.

Kasich ended his speech by telling his supporters he plans to restore the spirit of this country. His next stop is Columbia's town hall event Friday morning.

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