Consider This: Beach Horseback Riding Ban should be lifted

Beach Horseback Riding Ban should be lifted

Myrtle Beach City Council recently banned horseback riding on the beach. It was a move that came unexpectedly after some people started complaining about the manure left behind.

Horse owners and riders were upset and have been very vocal about their unhappiness with this decision, understandably.

Riding a horse on the beach has to be one of the best ways to enjoy it. And, it's such a beautiful sight for any beach goer as well.

But now the beach is off limits.

Consider This:  the riders' reaction and approach to the problem has been admirable and respectable.  They are not pointing fingers…trying to blame others…they said:  give us a chance to fix it. And Council members say they will listen.

I hope a compromise is reached quickly so Myrtle Beach does not lose this unique attraction.

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