Floodwaters still rising at several Marion homes

Floodwaters still rising at several Marion homes
Water covering front yards in Marion County. (Source: Audrey Biesk)
Water covering front yards in Marion County. (Source: Audrey Biesk)

MARION COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A flood warning is now in effect for some areas near the Little Pee Dee River until Sunday afternoon. Gresham is an area where some homes still have water covering their front yards, all the way from the front door step to the road. People are asking for help and wondering when the water will go down.

Patricia Gause has lived along Highway 378 for the past six years.  "The water is not going anywhere. This water has been here ever since October. Ever since October. We need help," said Gause.

Homes all along Highway 378 are still dealing with the aftermath of last year’s floods. Gause gets frustrated every time it rains. Gause says, “It’s not just for me, I’m concerned my neighbor to my left, my neighbor to my right, its just ridiculous. I can’t even use the driveway. I do not know how deep the water is."

It's not just the front yard. Water overtook Gause's backyard too. She says she's afraid every single day the water will come into her home.

Gause has reached out for help. She says, "I did call the mayor and I attempted to talk to the county councilman, and I hadn't talked to the Senator yet, but we need some drainage, we need some help."

Jerry Williams, Emergency Management Director for Marion County says,"It's just something we can't control." He says crews are trying to handle water levels across the county.


“It's stuff that can definitely be a headache to the residents and I just wish there was more things that could be done. There’s only so much we can do during the day trying to get this water off the roads, out of people’s yards and into the channels there.”

Gause says, "We're asking for help."

Unless the water is pumped out of the yards, homeowners say it's not going anywhere. Williams says the roads and bridges crews take advantage of days like when there is no rain to repair flooded roads.

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