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Expert weighs in: What New Hampshire's primary results mean for the presidential candidates in SC

The political focus now turns to the Palmetto State.    

"I think this year South Carolina is very important," Dr. Holley Tankersley with Coastal Carolina University said.

Traditionally, South Carolina plays a big role in the Republican party's nomination process.

"Several candidates are staking their candidacies on South Carolina as their firewall. This is the place where they have to win to move forward," Tankersley said.

You can expect to see candidates' political campaigns intensify across the state over the next few days.

"Once New Hampshire is over...once the results are in, those candidates are going to hit the road, and they're going to show up at our doorstep," Tankersley said.

Two of those candidates will be coming with the momentum they gained with victories in the first in the nation primary.

"Winning in New Hampshire is only a great thing for Bernie Sanders coming to South Carolina," Tankersley said.

She believes Tuesday night's win for Sanders could help him gain recognition.

"It may make undecided voters and even voters leaning Clinton kind of take a second look...What is it people like about this guy? Why is he so popular in New England? What is it that's driving this energy around his campaign?" Tankersley said.

On the republicans side, Donald Trump's win may fuel the fire he's already started in the Palmetto State.

"Donald Trump already has a lot of momentum," Tankersley said. "He already has substantial support in South Carolina. I think if he comes out of New Hampshire a winner, his momentum is just solidified...It will continue, and it might help to sway some undecided voters, too."

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