Conway Innovation Center to host 'Startup Weekend EDU'

Conway Innovation Center to host 'Startup Weekend EDU'

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – The Conway Innovation Center will host 'Startup Weekend EDU' on February 19. The competition is designed to foster business ideas about technology in education. Participants are encouraged to register and pay by February 10.

Children are plugged into technology on a daily basis and it has drastically changed the education environment. Organizers for Startup Weekend EDU are looking for the next big idea that can impact how kids learn and how teachers teach.

On Friday, anyone with an idea will pitch it to the entire group. Then the coordinators will pick which ideas to focus on. Then all the participants will pick which ideas they want to work on. On Saturday, everyone will reconvene to create a business plan and develop the idea. Then on Sunday the groups will pitch the final idea to a panel of judges. All participants will get a shirt and there could be some tech prizes involved. The winning team will win the support to develop the idea into a real business plan.

"The hope is that some of those individuals out there have an idea that they think would be a wonderful thing to transform in the presence of these devices into new learning opportunities for our students," said Dr. Michael Roberts, the president for the Conway Innovation Center.

And there needs to be a good balance of participants and skills to make this event success. So if you are not involved in education or you are not an "idea person", Roberts said that's okay. They also need marketing specialists, coders, programmers, and presenters. On the event's website, you can register as an educator, developer, designer, business/non-profit/policy professional.

"If you have presentation skills, that's great! Because a lot of the teams really struggle," explained Jan Silverman, an administrator with the Conway Innovation Center. "They come up with a really good idea and then they can effectively present. So really, everyone and anyone is welcome."

All ages are encouraged to register. If you are in high school, you will need a parent's permission. The Startup Weekend EDU will be hosted at the Scholar's Academy on Coastal Carolina's Campus from February 19-21. Participants must go home overnight, but food will be provided throughout the day for you. It costs $49 to register as a participant, and it costs $15 for a ticket to watch the presentations on Sunday.

To register and buy tickets, click here:

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