Police: Victim identified, Laurinburg homicide suspect arrested

Police: Victim identified, Laurinburg homicide suspect arrested

LAURINBURG, NC (WMBF) - Laurinburg Police have arrested Antone Mack, who was the suspect responsible for the shooting death of a Laurinburg man Friday night, according to Police Chief Darwin Williams.

People who saw the incident said the shooting occurred after an argument turned violent. "I just know we were coming out of the store and someone stole off on him, they started fighting, they exchanged words. And then it led to killing...killing him." said Alberta Henderson, who said she was with the victim when he was killed.

Henderson said she witnessed the victim get into an altercation with Mack. She said about an hour after the two had fought, they were behind the convenience store when Mack pulled out a gun and shot the victim. Henderson said she knew the victim well, and it's a shame to lose him over a senseless argument.

"He was a good boy though. He had changed his life around. He was going to church. He was a family man." said Henderson.

Several members of the community said this sort of violence occurs way too often in Laurinburg, North Carolina. Katima Wells said she has lived here for 17 years, and hears gun shots on a regular basis.

"I mean someones always getting killed over here" said Wells.

Wells said she and her cousin hear of shootings all the time in their neighborhoods as well, and stay fearful for their safety.

"These areas are not your territory. People live here. People go to work. They send their kids out here to play and y'all are shooting? It doesn't make any sense." said Wells cousin, Michael Jones.

Chief Williams identified the victim as 25-year-old Frederick Baldwin, from Scotland County.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact the Laurinburg Police Department or call 910-276-3211.

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