Santee Cooper plans for Sunday demolition of power station near Lake Busbee

Santee Cooper plans for Sunday demolition of power station near Lake Busbee

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - For many, they're a visual sign you're almost at the beach, a Grand Strand landmark of sorts, but come Sunday, the Grainger Station stacks will be no more.

"From the word 'fire' it's going to take somewhere in the ten to twelve second range," said project manager Thom Doud.

The stacks will be the final bit of demolition on the old coal plant site... after nearly a year of tearing things down.

For the big detonation, crews punched more than 330 holes in the bottom of the stacks, filling them with nearly 120 pounds of dynamite. Each will go off in a specific order, so the building falls in a specific place.

The actual explosion will only last 12 seconds, but will affect roads for several hours.

Crews will shut down Marina Drive two hours before the detonation and Highway 501 about five minutes before.

An explosive technician will decide when everything is safe again.

"Depending upon wind velocity and direction, will determine how fast we can open up 501," Doud said.

For Santee Cooper, Sunday is about more than just the stacks coming down.

While the closing of the plant back in 2012 came at a cost for some of the workers, Santee Cooper believes the change and demolition process are part of an evolution.

"As we've gotten to the now, dismantling of this station, it is a part of an effort, on the part of Santee Cooper, to have a more diverse mix of generations, so yes we are moving in that direction," said spokeswoman Susan Mungo.

A direction they say, towards less greenhouse emissions, more renewable energy, and hopefully a greener future.

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