Horry County man arrested in connection with Amazon scam

Horry County man arrested in connection with Amazon scam

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WM BF) - Horry County Sheriffs went to a home in the River Oaks neighborhood Tuesday investigating a report of stolen goods. There they found 54-year-old Daniel McKeon and $8,000 dollars worth of items.

"Our office received a call that they had sold some property to someone with a Myrtle Beach Address on Amazon. They had shipped the merchandise to the address at the beach and they hadn't received their money. And they were making calls trying to find out what was going on so they called our office." said Horry County Sheriff Phillip Thompson.

Sheriff Thompson said McKeon posed as an Amazon employee. He allegedly would receive goods via mail and then ship them to Nigeria. The Sheriff said he's not sure why Nigeria, but it seems to be a common destination for stolen goods.

"We have found through our investigations and other cases and things of this nature that Nigeria is a popular destination." said Thompson.

Authorities said McKeons victims were instructed to send their belongings to the Myrtle Beach address before they could be paid. But McKeon would claim he never received them. Shoppers began contacting Amazon directly, who had no knowledge of McKeon or the Myrtle Beach address. Horry County Sheriffs have identified at least four victims from four different states, that shipped items to McKeon.

The Better Business Bureau said consumers need to be cautious when doing business online.

"As electronics become more savvy, so do the scammers. They keep up with it and they tend to be ahead of the game. And they can take the same scam and twist it around and do something else," said BBB CEO Kathy Graham.

Graham said you shouldn't be afraid to ask someone for their credentials or proof of employment before doing business with them.

"Should you get this type of call in the future saying, 'I work for Amazon'... OK, what is your name on Amazon? Let me look you up. Chances are they're going to hang up the phone immediately."

Graham said to always be weary of "Special Deals" and offers, and if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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