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Local rivers once again rise above flood stage

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)  Heavy rainfall is once again leading to rising river levels across the region. 

Much of the region saw rainfall totals of two to four inches Wednesday night through Thursday. This heavy rain will once again push local rivers out of their banks. 

At this point, only minor flooding is expected on all the rivers, but any additional heavy rain could lead to higher water levels. 

For the Waccamaw River at Conway, the Friday river level was  10.67 feet.  Flood stage is 11.0 feet.  The river is forecast to rise above flood stage by early Saturday afternoon and continue to  rise to near 11.6 feet by Tuesday morning.  At this level, there will be minor flooding in some areas of Pitch Landing and Savannah Bluff communities. Flood waters will begin to affect homes north of Conway on Riverside Drive. Swamps will be heavily flooded. 

For the Little Pee Dee River, the current river level is 9.07 feet. The river is forecast to continue to rise to near 10.1 feet by Tuesday evening. At the forecast level, flood waters will continue to rise in the Fork Retch community located near Nichols. Flood waters will begin to affect some homes at Fork Retch, and swampland flooding will increase.

The Great Pee Dee river is also seeing high water levels.  The river is forecast to continue to rise  to near 22.6 feet by Monday evening. This is just shy of "moderate flood stage." Flooding will affect swamp and timberlands while also disrupting logging operations. Operations will likely cease and equipment not  previously moved will remain trapped. Some farmland will have minor flooding especially around Britton Neck.

The Black River in Kingstree is also on the rise.  Right now, the river is at 11.71 feet.  Flood stage is 12.0.  The river is forecast to rise above flood stage by Saturday morning and continue to rise to near 13.1 feet by Monday morning.  Flood waters will continue to affect immediate areas along the river bed. Rising water levels may also reach Highway 41 at Andrews.

Finally, for the Lumber River near Lumberton, flood stage is 13.0 feet.  The river is forecast to have a maximum value of 14.7 feet early Saturday. The Lumber falls slightly early next week, but still stays well within minor flood stage. Flood waters will affect yards in the Pines area, Coxs Pond area, and along River Road. Additional residential property will be affected between the Pepsi plant and the river on the east side of Lumberton.

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