School district combats staffing issues with technology

School district combats staffing issues with technology

ROWLAND, NC (WMBF) -Staffing needs in a local school district are not slowing down the quality of education its students are getting.

The Robeson County School District recently launched a program to combat a need for certified teachers.

"You will see students looking through the visual feed at the teacher. Also, listening to the audio with the system that we have set up. You will see a facilitator and substitute teacher. A long-term sub who will be making sure that students are on task," Eric Sanders, Principal of Rowland Middle School said.

Sanders added, the PSRC Café was launched to ensure that students are getting a top notch education while the district works to get more certified teachers.

The district said it has open positions, it's just that there isn't enough certified teachers applying for those open positions.

While the district currently has substitute teachers in place covering classes, the PSRC Café allows for students to continue to learn.

"The idea is to have quality, good certified teachers, at one site and their lessons are simulcast to classrooms," Sanders said.

Sanders said students at his school can ask questions and interact with the teacher through technology.

"It's the same concept, but it's the first time that we have done this on the middle school level. If it works well there are other middle schools and even elementary schools that can benefit from this type of teacher," Sanders said.

So far, the school says students are excelling in this new program.

"Our students are focuses, they're following along with the lessons and the teachers at Littlefield Middle are excellent," Sanders said.

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