North Myrtle Beach looks forward to possibility of emergency beach renourishment

North Myrtle Beach looks forward to possibility of emergency beach renourishment

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Governor Nikki Haley's budget proposal includes $40 million for emergency beach renourishment. That money would give the beaches some relief before the next scheduled federal renourishment two years from now.

North Myrtle Beach city council members passed a resolution Monday, pledging their support of Haley's decision to include that money in her proposed budget.

Matt Potts, of the Cherry Grove Fishing Pier, said erosion has intensified over the past year in Cherry Grove.

"We lost a good 12, 15 feet of beach and that's a lot when you spread out beach chairs, tents and everything else," he said.

Tropical Storm Ana hit last May, then Hurricane Joaquin sent storm surges straight into the beaches in October, both eating away at the sand and the dunes.

At high tide, Potts said Cherry Grove's beach disappears and water ends up flooding streets and neighborhoods against the marsh.

"There's been a lot more flooding since September, October until now," he said. "People have to actually prepare for high tides, new moons when the high tide comes in."

Potts said he's excited to hear renourishment funds could be on the way and he thinks tourists will appreciate it too.

They see it progressively getting worse and I think if we try to show them we're getting something done within this year, at least the next year they'll be a lot more happy about it," he said.

Pat Dowling, spokesperson for North Myrtle Beach, said he doesn't know any details yet, as to how that $40 million dollars would be allocated if it goes through with this year's state budget, when the renourishment would be completed and how it would affect the federal renourishment in 2018.

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