City launches 'Bike MB' app showing trails, bicycle-friendly businesses, and more

City launches 'Bike MB' app showing trails, bicycle-friendly businesses, and more

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – As of Monday, the City of Myrtle Beach's brand new app "Bike MB" was officially live and ready for locals and visitors to use. It's the very first app the city has launched, and anyone can use it.

Through the month of February and into March, the app will be basic because it's in the beta testing phase. The city wants to know what users like about it, and what they want to see changed or added.

You won't find it in the app store just yet, but the city hopes it will be available there eventually. People who want to check it out have to visit the app link, which you can find here. From there you can navigate the map.

"It's just a matter of clicking that link, and it will take you to the app," explained Lisa Holzberger, GIS Coordinator for the City of Myrtle Beach. "The link could also be bookmarked on a mobile device whether it's a tablet or a phone."

The first feature allows users to report an issue- like a brush with a car or a problem with a path or trail. When a user reports it on the app, the comment is sent directly to city employees, and redirected to the department which should correct the problem.

For users looking to get outside and explore, all of the trails and paths around the test area- which is The Market Common- are on the map. It also shows the different types of paths in the area. Eventually, it will outline paths and trails in the city limits.

The last feature allows users to check for businesses that are bicycle friendly. That list is quickly growing, and many in The Market Common have signed on. Businesses have to meet certain criteria to be on the list- like provide Wi-Fi, bike racks, and water to cyclists or runners who come through the doors.

Through the month of February and March, the city wants feedback from users. "We will take into consideration all the comments that we've received from the public to date," Holzberger said. "And we will implement some of those suggestions. We'll review what they've provided and see if these are a good fit for our app."

The plan is to roll the app out covering paths across the entire downtown Myrtle Beach area by April 1.
Officials also hope that other municipalities jump on board with the idea, so that users across the entire region can utilize one comprehensive app.

Anyone with comments on the app, or businesses who wish to add their name to the list of "bicycle friendly" businesses, can send an email to

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