Using positive reinforcement when kids say 'no'

Using positive reinforcement when kids say 'no'

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Most kids don't want to clean, pick up their toys, or simply just listen to anything you tell them to do. They want to continue playing outside with their friends even if you're yelling for them to come inside, but this can all change with a little reverse psychology.

You might be the parent who is yelling at your kid to get off the playground because it's time to go, or getting them to sit down and do homework seems like an extreme chore that is almost impossible to manage.

Most parents know the child can hear them, but they just won't listen. It seems that threatening to throw some of their favorite toys or blankets could benefit when getting them to listen. Studies show that giving the children a choice makes them feel independent.

Using reverse psychology is a great way to turn an unwanted activity into a contest. If your kids don't want to clean up their mess or toys, turn it into a game and challenge them to see who wins.  Be careful though, if you do this too often they will catch on.

If your child responds well to positive reinforcement then you can help guide their actions by offering prizes for good decisions.

While your kids may scream, I DON'T WANT TO, you may often hear in their voice that they want too, but they are just scared. In this case, reverse psychology will come in handy.

Kids know what they are suppose to do, but according to, they'll tune you out when you go on and on.

According to Mamiverse, reverse psychology on children works well on those who love to go against their parents' wishes or be uncooperative.

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