Florence Basketball star shines in this week’s Student Spotlight

Florence Basketball start shines in this week's Student Spotlight

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - A gentleman and a scholar - that's what a lot of folks are saying about one local student.

"I have a lot of influences, my parents as well. They have taught me that you always have to be respectful. Always be on top your manners, be the best man," said Blake Walker, featured on this week's Student Spotlight.

Walker is a junior at Wilson High School.

Blake's motivation, work ethic and honor roll status are the reasons he was nominated and ultimately selected to be highlighted in this week's Student Spotlight.

Blake said he has been on the honor roll his entire life and that he constantly pushes himself to be better than he was the previous day.

"Nothing is too hard to accomplish if you put the right work in. It's all about hard work and dedication; if you're not dedicated to yourself more than likely you won't be successful," Walker said.

When Blake is not busy with his school work, he's out shooting hoops with the rest of Wilson's basketball team.

Blake plays combo guard and shooting guard.

In addition to Blake helping his team be successful, he's also involved in a lot of other activities: "Mr. Gentleman, National Beta Club, and National Honor Society. I received Mr. Sophomore my sophomore year for homecoming. This year I won Mr. Junior," Walker said.

Blake said he hopes to play ball in college, but he plans on entering a career field that helps improve the well-being of others.

"I really want to do something to improve somebody else's life," Walker said.

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