Tires dumped on side of road could cost taxpayers

Tires dumped on side of road could cost taxpayers

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County is looking into a new litter problem popping up around the Conway area involving tires.

The tire piles are something you've probably driven by dozens of times around Conway and never thought twice about, but the county says you should start caring, because you may wind up paying for the cleanup.

Horry County Police tells us there have been several instances of this dumping around the area, specifically off of Harper Road, Denis Lane, and Pitch Landing road.

"The three sites that we've discovered are in all in remote areas of the county," said Bo Ives, with Keep Horry County Beautiful. "They are trying to do this without anyone catching them."

Horry County Police say officers did catch some people dumping tires, but there are still several sites full of the old rubber.

County Councilman Johnny Vaught says these piles pose several problems for people who live in Horry County.

If they are on public property, it will cost the taxpayers, and if it's on private property it's harder to fix.

Tires can also be an environmental hazard, being flammable and a breeding ground for mosquitos.

"If you see something like this, please let us know. Please report it to the police," said Ives. "We'd rather catch them in the act, know who the responsible party is, and have them cure it, than do our rat race and figure out how we're going to collect them and where we're going to put them if we do."

The county sent out code enforcement Wednesday, and crews found six different illegal dump sites.

Four should be cleaned up by the end of the week, but two are on private property, which becomes the homeowner's responsibility.

Ives says this shouldn't even be a problem. Private Citizens can recycle their tires for free at Solid Waste Authority convenience centers. Businesses can as well, if they can show a receipt, proving they paid the state Solid Waste Tax.

That tax involves a $2 charge per tire. It goes to the eventual disposal of that tire.

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