RJ Corman launches safety campaign ahead of railroad opening

RJ Corman launches safety campaign ahead of railroad opening

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Frederick Moody says he can't remember the last time he has seen a train in Horry County, and he's not the only one.

"Just plain disregard. Because they've been out of service for so long. No one even acknowledges them any more," said Moody.

Starting March 1st, all that will change. RJ Corman Railroad Company recently purchased an eighty mile stretch of line that goes through South Carolina, and is leasing a four mile line that runs beside 501 and into Myrtle Beach. That's why VP Bill Henderson says his company is launching a safety campaign to up awareness in the community.

"We want everyone to be on heightened alert that the railroads are going to be operating again and their safety is our number one priority," said Henderson.

Henderson says RJ Corman has reached out to newspapers, radio stations, and local media in an effort to get the word out that the rail lines will be operational very soon.

"We're utilizing the news media, as well as the paper. We do have a handout that we have created and we will be glad to distribute that to anyone who wants it, whether it's school systems or municipalities."

That handout includes tips, like always following the street signs and to yield around any crossing. It also says to never park or stop your car when on the tracks.

An Horry County representative also says school bus drivers will be required, by law, to stop and listen for trains at every crossing.

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