30 years later, family still seeks justice in Conway double murder

30 years later, family still seeks justice in Conway double murder

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – On January 26, 1986, two people were found stabbed to death in a house in Conway. 30 years later, their families still don't know who killed them or why.

Conway Police found Alex Pino, 21, and Juanita Floyd, 24, in a house on Forest Loop Road in Conway around 12:30 p.m.

The original police reports said a neighbor called police after a woman asked him to, saying her daughter had been murdered.

The exact details are redacted from the reports, but emergency responders described the scene as two people lying down somewhere and blood was visible.

Blanchie Pino was Alex Pino's wife. She still remembers when she got the news.

"I was just coming from the grocery store," she said.

She said she knew Alex and Juanita had been seeing each other, but she didn't know details.

"I never got to talk to him about what was this," she said. "I always told him that regardless what you do, you always can come home. You still have a family because when I married him he was only 19 and I knew that he might see someone else in the future that he wanted."

One person was arrested, tried for the murders, and found not guilty.

Blanchie said she spent years focusing on figuring out who really was to blame.

"I just was so tied up in trying to understand why and when, why and stuff 'till it drained me," she remembered. "I had my kids to take care of."

Alex and Blanchie had a one-month-old daughter and one-year-old son when Alex died.

Alex's family held a candlelight vigil January 16 in honor of both Alex and Juanita.

"To my husband, I love you. I always will love you," Blanchie told the group of people at the vigil. "To Juanita Floyd and family, I love y'all too."

The family continues to crave answers.

"To whoever and wherever you're at and what you've been doing all these years, I just hope you haven't been hurting anyone else because you have torn our family up. From the ground up, you have torn us up," Blanchie said. "But we forgive you because you're someone's child too."

One person couldn't make it outside for the vigil: Alex's mother. Jennie Graham, 73, held a candle in Alex's memory from her bed.

"I would give anything, anything in this world to have my child back to me," Graham said. "But I know it's impossible now."

Graham was diagnosed with lymphoma last year and she also has congestive heart failure.

Both Jennie and her family worry she'll never find out what happened to her son.

"I pray and trust that one day before I leave this world, which I don't have too much longer here, that somebody will tell somebody something about what happened to my child," Graham said. "Because it's not easy. Lord knows it's not."

Anyone with information can contact the Conway Police Department.

You can view the original 1986 Conway Police report below:

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