Consider This: Aggressive Dogs Should Be Euthanized

Consider This: Aggressive Dogs Should Be Euthanized

A tragedy happened this week in our area…a 7 year old boy was killed by a dog:  A neighbor's pit bull.

It was a gruesome death for Talen West, who was playing outside with his brother.

It is appalling that someone's pet was allowed to take away the life of a child.  Pit bulls are aggressive dogs.  Police reports and statistics show that breed is responsible for the most deadly attacks on people…with children being most at risk.

And still people come to the animals' defense, blaming neglect, abuse or how it was raised.

Consider This:  it doesn't matter what the cause of the dogs' aggression is when it kills or disfigures a human being.  It should be euthanized immediately, eliminating any chance it could be released back to an owner who allowed an unthinkable act to happen in the first place.

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