Travelers deal with flight changes at Myrtle Beach International

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - According to flight tracking service FlightAware, airlines canceled more than 3,500 flights Friday, while another 41,000 are canceled for Saturday. Most of those canceled flights are around the eastern seaboard, including right here in Myrtle Beach.

While the weather in the Grand Strand may not be what it is a little north or west, some travel plans are still paying the price.

Connie Deherela and her husband are two of the lucky ones. Their flight to Boston is one of seven flights delayed in or out of MYR today.

They're more than happy to wait around and leave later, instead of not leaving at all.

"I play games, I also have cross-book to do cross words and learn my English a little better, and talk to the husband," said Deherela. "It's good to do that too."

Not everyone has been as lucky with their travel plans.

At Myrtle Beach International, airlines canceled nearly 23 flights Friday, with several more already canceled on Saturday.

The majority of those were going to and from Charlotte, but several more to New York and New Jersey.

"Haven't been really many concerns as far as passengers," said Mike Lewter, an employee at MYR. "Of course they're updated via their phone or they check in online and they're updated there."

Travelers to and from Atlanta had no changes to their schedule and don't expect changes into Saturday.

Still travelers should be ready for changes, since right now, Mother Nature is in charge.

"If they say it's too risky to go at 11:30, that's ok, we'll go and sleep somewhere and come back tomorrow. I'm not worried nothing about that."

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