US Representative Tom Rice discusses flooding with 100 farmers

US Representative Tom Rice discusses flooding with 100 farmers

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – U.S. Representative Tom Rice met with more than one hundred area farmers to talk about October's flooding damage to their land and crops.

October's flooding is still affecting farmers in our community. More than one hundred farmers attended a last minute meeting for a chance to ask for help, face to face, with United States Representative, Tom Rice.  

"My daddy's daddy farmed, my daddy farmed, and I farm, all on the same farm," Ronald Rabon said.

"Since 1978 but I'm the sixth generation on the same home base," Keith Allen added.

Concerned faces filled the Horry County Council Chambers Friday morning. They were hoping for answers. Horry county officials tried to reassure them they were going to get the support they need.

"We understand that you're the heart and soul, you're the backbone of what makes this country tick, and folks. These people here are fighting for you," Councilman Al Allen said.

Some still feel the bottom line is, right now there is no money to help them out and some haven't been able to pay their bills since the flood hit.

"When you put a crop in the field, and you don't get anything back out of it, insurance won't pay the bill," Rabon said.

Many farmers couldn't sell their crops, if at all, for full price. Their crops were brown, dead, moldy, and growing abnormally. This left farmers coming up more than short.

"My input cost is $327,000, input…that's not payments, that's not living expense, that's just what it costs me to grow that crop," Rabon said.

Congressman Rice promised to keep bringing this conversation up until these farmers get the support they need. He said if requested by the governor, more than $200 million could be available for our local agriculture industry.

However, the farmers said there is not time to waste.

"We feed this country, I do know that. I was raised on a farm and I do know that we feed this country, and if it don't change... this country going to be hungry someday," Rabon said.

Rice suggested farmers who need assistance should call the governor's office. Governor Haley is set to discuss this issue on Tuesday.

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