Hartsville PD urges drivers to stay safe

Hartsville PD urges drivers to stay safe

HARTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) – Hartsville is currently seeing rain and sleet in their area. At this time road conditions may seem okay to drivers, but they are wet and visibility is reduced.

Hartsville Police want you to be safe while on the roads during this winter weather by following these simple rules.

•    Do not drive distracted. Put down cell phones and don't eat while driving. Pay attention to the road instead of passengers and leave the radio alone.

•    Increase your following distance. Leave more room than usual between you and the car in front of you. Wet or icy roads take more stopping distance. If the car in front of you stops suddenly, you need time to react.

•    Avoiding travel if it's unnecessary. Winter weather can sometimes cause power outages, which means traffic signals can fail, causing confusion. As weather develops, temperatures drop, and sleeting/rain continues, road conditions may worsen.

•    Keep an eye on weather reports, either from local sources, like WMBF News, or national. Use the information you have to make informed decisions.

•    If you have an accident and the damage is minor with no injuries, please pull off the road or to the edge of the road if possible. This will reduce the likelihood of further accidents and injuries. Use your emergency flashers to alert other drivers that your vehicle is damaged or disabled.

•    If you are on foot, be aware that slush from sleet, rain, and ice may make sidewalks and roads slippery.

•    Don't forget to check on relatives and those that are homebound. Make sure they have what they need to stay warm and dry.

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