Infrastructure changes coming to Carolina Forest

Infrastructure changes coming to Carolina Forest

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) - The Infrastructure and Regulation Committee met Thursday to discuss several items on the agenda, the biggest being Carolina Forest High School. The committee brought up several issues, including too many cars speeding through the school zone, and traffic backed up along the main road during morning and afternoon commutes.

"The traffic is bad for several different reasons out there. One thing is Gardner Lacy Road is very busy. It's also directly across from the entrance and exits to the school is right across from National Drive going into Myrtle Beach National Golf Course. So there's a lot of traffic there, it's on a curve. The entrance to the school is only two lanes basically with a guard shack." said Chairman Johnny Vaught.

Vaught said this is his first year as chairman of the committee, and he has been following this issue with personal interest because of his daughter, who attends the school.

"We've been talking about that problem since last fall, when classes first started. And she's a freshman there so I just got involved in this deal."

The committee delivered a presentation on how to fix the traffic and speeding problems, like making lights and law enforcement more visible to drivers, and creating a new entrance to the school that would create a smoother experience for parents as they drop off their kids.

"I would sit there in the afternoon waiting to pick my daughter up, and people would drive me going 45-50 miles an hour in 25 mile an hour school zone. And there are students who have to cross that road." said Vaught.

Chairman Vaught says they will put together a plan on how to make a new entrance, but will ultimately need the School Boards approval since it would be on school property.

Also on the agenda, a road in The Myrtle Beach National neighborhood is being looked at due to speeding drivers. The committee says more than 50% of the people who live on National Drive signed a petition to get speed humps installed in order to keep driving speeds at a minimum, but that the Home Owners Association does not want them. Chairman Vaught says the committee determined the street does meet the requirements for the speed humps, but according to policy, the HOA can make the final decision. However, with so many people in favor of the speed humps, and the HOA fighting back, committee members say they will have to look into changing that policy.

"We don't have that in place yet. But if there was a super majority or a majority of residents living on that street that will be affected, if they came up with a petition and everybody on that street wanted it, then we would override the HOA's request." said Chairman Vaught.

Vaught says it isn't clear why the HOA is against having the humps put in place, but the number one priority is making the area safer for those who live here.

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