Ice and freezing rain: How it will impact you

Ice and freezing rain: How it will impact you

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) As we watch a winter storm brush by the area, the concern of us seeing winter weather is almost definite. The type of winter weather that we will see will most likely be freezing rain which translates into ice on trees, power lines and roads. As we continue over the next 48 hours, a reminder of what ice can do and how it will impact you is detailed below.

If you see a trace of ice (less than a half of an inch) then you will likely see slight roads. Especially on untreated bridges and overpasses. Other than that, you will see minor impacts. Bent limbs, sagging power lines and icy windshields will be the extent of the impacts. The beginning to bad road conditions occur with a tenth of an inch of ice.

When we bump up ice totals between a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch - that's when we begin to see bigger and more prominent impacts. Road conditions become very dangerous. Overpass and bridges become treacherous and side roads and less traveled highways become slick and dangerous. On the upper end of this scale (towards a quarter of an inch) we begin to see tree limbs break and scattered power outages occur.

The extreme of ice accumulation comes when you get over a quarter of an inch of ice. That is when widespread power outages occur and widespread damage to trees occur. Also, roads become impassable at this point. Over a quarter of an inch of ice is very dangerous and is classified as a major winter storm.

Through Saturday morning we are only anticipating a tenth of an inch of ice but local areas could pick up as much a two/tenths of an inch. Roads will become slick and dangerous and few power outages may occur. Please plan to stay off the roads especially if you live in the Pee Dee. Inland Horry, Marion, Florence, Darlington, Marlboro, Dillon, Scotland and Robeson counties are under a Freezing Rain Advisory through Friday afternoon.

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