Watch WMBF News' Presidential Primary Preview

WMBF News' Presidential Primary Preview

(WMBF) – On Wednesday, January 20, WMBF News proudly presented an in-depth preview of the upcoming presidential election season, with all the news, information and analysis you need to be ready for the upcoming Presidential Primaries in February.

WMBF News' Presidential Primary Preview features important information voters will need to know for South Carolina's Republican Primary on February 20, and the Democratic Primary on February 27.

We highlighted where each of the many candidates stands on issues that are most important to South Carolina voters, including gun control, off-shore drilling, and federal highway funding. Click here to see our online Issues Grid, which shows in an instant where each candidate stands on these issues.

We also had political analyst Holley Tankersley from Coastal Carolina University weighing in on the all the developments in the 2016 race to the White House.

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