Horry Co. files lawsuit against Badd Kitty based on 2013 zoning law change

Horry Co. files lawsuit against Badd Kitty based on 2013 zoning law change

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Horry County government is trying to shut down the Murrells Inlet location of locally-owned Badd Kitty, according to a lawsuit filed against the business and its owner.

According to the store's website, "Badd Kitty is your number one shopping destination for all your sensual needs."

The county filed the lawsuit against the business because of its location and proximity to residential areas.

In 2013, the county changed the zoning laws for adult entertainment businesses. The change outlined that adult entertainment businesses, by law, are required to maintain distance of at least 1,500 feet from residential zones. Prior to that, it was 2,000 feet.

The owner of Badd Kitty explained to WMBF News that he was under the impression his business was grandfathered in, and the 2013 changes to zoning would not affect his business, as the Murrells Inlet location was built in 2010. He held this belief until several days ago, when a lawsuit from the county filed January 8 was brought to his attention.

However, the county argues in the lawsuit that Badd Kitty violated a different ordinance established before 2013.

According to the complaint, the store owner signed a disclaimer, when seeking zoning approval, stating Badd Kitty would not meet the definition of an "Adult bookstore" or "Adult video store."

That means, it would not generate more than half of its revenues from sexual books, magazines, paraphernalia, etc.

County paperwork however says, Badd Kitty, does fit the definition, but according to the owner, that's not the case and he said he printed out his records from when the store opened, to prove that to the county.

The owner said, he hadn't heard from the county in months, which is why this is all a shock.

The bottom line within the lawsuit, Bad Kitty is also operating as a "Sex Paraphernalia store," too close to homes.

Local homeowners, don't see the problem.

"Who are they bothering? I mean other than the county," Neighbor Vincent Collins said. "Why does the county want to waste money, and time, when they can do other things, it really boils down to that, honestly. They're gonna get a bunch of lawyers, spend a bunch of money on something as trivial as a business that's not causing any problems, they deem it a problem, nobody else does."

Local business owners told WMBF News Badd Kitty does not bother them, at all.

Badd Kitty has locations in Myrtle Beach, Atlantic Beach and Charleston.

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