Veteran reflects on past 3 months after flood damaged home

Veteran reflects on past 3 months after flood damaged home

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) - It's been months since October's flood waters devastated parts of our community, and the impact still lingers for many families.

During the flood, Scott and Christine McMorrow's house was completely destroyed leaving them no choice but to gut it out. Three months later, they are finally able to move back in.

"It's amazing from where it was, at a point three months ago, to where it is now," Christine McMorrow said. "it's amazing how it's been transformed."

In October, we surveyed the damage of the McMorrow's home, with the couple.

"It was discouraging, it was sad, it was emotional," Scott said. "It's our home and just like that mother nature destroyed it."

The house was not even a year old, and it was the couple's first home.

Just like every veteran is taught to do, Scott soldiered on, and made it his duty, to turn this place into home again.

The couple said, they could not have done it, without the help of the community.

"People that I don't even know reaching out to me, sending me facebook messages, sending us checks in the mail," Scott said. "From the Marine Corps league, from the Knights of Columbus, from Veterans Associations, from friends, it's been amazing."

It was not easy, the couple was forced to live in about three different places, during the three months.

"You're grateful you had a place to be but it just wasn't home," Christine said, "I didn't like to be there."

Trying to take it one issue at a time, having to go through several contractors until they could find an affordable one, All Phase.

Now the couple is focusing on the exterior of the house. A concern for the homeowners is the storm drain, feet away from their house, and its effectiveness.

Horry County engineers have come out in the past week to survey the area. WMBF News reached out to the county, but have not yet heard back.

The McMorrow's have faith the county will pull through, because if there's one thing the flood taught them, it's to have a little faith.

"In traumatic events like that, you think that, the worst has happened but it's gonna be alright, things do work out," Scott said.

The couple did not have flood insurance when the flood hit because they said they do not live in a flood zone. When they applied for flood insurance, after the damage, they said it was inexpensive, and recommend everyone looks into it.

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