Suspects attempt robbery on Myrtle Beach cab driver

Suspects attempt robbery on Myrtle Beach cab driver

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach Police responded to the service desk at the police department Saturday in reference to a cab driver who was knocked to the ground after suspects demanded money.

The victim told police that he was going to pick up a fare at Farlo's Burrito Bar on Main Street and when he arrived, no one was there. The victim then attempted to call the fare twice with no success.

Reports say the victim parked his cab in the parking lot behind Beach Bingo and got out to walk inside Farlo's Burrito Bar. When he walked into the alley behind the bar, he was approached by two skinny black males with dreadlocks down to their shoulders and wearing dark clothing. The suspects told the victim to give them everything in his pockets. The victim told them no and was hit in the head by one of the males. The victim then hit the other black male, and fell to the ground.

The victim told police when he fell, two black males ran off towards Kings Highway.

Police reports say the victim did not want any investigation into the case.

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