Ride III Commission to decide how to spend surplus to fix roads

Ride III Commission to decide how to spend surplus to fix roads

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Ride III Tax Commission heard several ideas about how to spend that surplus of money, one of which would include extending Fred Nash Blvd all the way to Coastal Grand Mall.

Current Chairman Eddie Dyer says the Commission will discuss and then vote on ways to put that money to good use. But in the end, it will all depend on how the public votes come election season.

"Well until November of 2016, we won't know whether or not the public is going to want to rollover the current penny that's on the current sales tax for round two. We're not adding a penny, we're just asking the public to roll that one over." said Dyer.

Those extra pennies added millions of dollars to the Horry County budget, and Dyer says that will need to keep happening to improve more roads. The County's main priority will be to finish highway 31 and possibly extend it all the way to North Carolina, And Dyer says our Carolina neighbors are hoping for that as well.

"Brunswick County is as eager as we are to have that road because I-74 will hopefully also have I-73." said Dyer.

Bringing more interstates into our area would not only help bring in more goods and services, but also Make driving easier for you. Traffic and Gridlocks have been issues in the past, especially during the summer months. Dyer says it's important the community work together, and that Horry County citizens get out and vote.

"There is no plan B. The state road is not going to do these roads for us. The United States Government is not going to do these roads for us. We are earning our independent republic of Horry label."

The Tax Commission will hold several public meetings through March, and then residents will be able to vote in November on how they think the money should be used to improve Horry County.

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