Consider This: Pre-school education can help break cycle of poverty

Consider This: Pre-school education can help cycle of poverty

The recently-released annual Kids County Survey revealed what most of us already know…poverty is a huge problem in south Carolina…with 27% of kids living in it.  Even more disturbing…the lack of early education that could help lead them out of it.

Fifty-nine percent of pre-school age children are not attending pre-school.  Many children from low income families begin kindergarten substantially behind children from higher income families.

That gap needs to be addressed…and it is a main focus for Florence County School District One.

Teachers and social workers are hired by the school district to visit families with children up to five years old to help parents interact with their children to promote learning from a young age.

Consider This: pre-school and early development programs can provide the boost children need to break the cycle of poverty. Too many times the attention and focus seems to be on test scores.

It is up to our state and local leaders and educators to make sure early education continues to be a focus so our children have an opportunity for achievement and a bright future.

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