From a blessing to a burden, how to protect your Powerball lottery winnings

From a blessing to a burden, how to protect your Powerball lottery winnings

Winning $1.5 billion can certainly be a dream-come-true, but if you don't handle it correctly, it could easily turn into a big burden.

"The first thing you need to do is take a deep breath, sit down, and think about who you can trust to walk through the process," Myrtle Beach financial planner Scott Pyle suggested.

Navigating the world as a newly minted billionaire could certainly change your life.

"The world's going to come at you in a way that you can't imagine," Pyle said."It's going to hit the press, everyone's going to know about it, and people are going to come out of the wood work for you."

Pyle strongly urges if you happen to win the powerball jackpot, that you keep your new fortune a secret until you're prepared to handle the new attention you'll be getting because of your bank account.

"We call them creditors and predators," Pyle said. "They come in all forms and fashion. It could be family members, friends, people from high school, everyone will come out."

While winning a billion dollars could  be a blessing in many ways, there's also a dark side to wealth.

"People will put expectations on becomes very unhealthy when expectations of what someone should do with their money happens," Pyle said.

With the right help though, Pyle says there's a lot of good to be done with the cash a powerball check could provide.

"With the tax strategy we could do with this size of money to benefit charities and yourself, the lump sum is probably the way to go," Pyle said.

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