Lotto players find out a winning ticket is worth more across state lines

Lotto players find out a winning ticket is worth more across state lines
Source: WMBF News

NORTH CAROLINA (WMBF) – Some choose to buy their Powerball tickets in North Carolina instead of South Carolina because of the lower state income tax.

Many people took time out of their day to wait in a long line for a Powerball ticket. Even those who don't normally play.

"Somebody's got to win it! It only takes one!" Danny Fields said.

One, two dollar, Powerball ticket... could mean $1.5 billion.

"It's too exciting not to, you know? You just have a hope that one day, you might be lucky," Donna Stangroom said.

Those who live near the state line, had a decision to make. Some were buying in North Carolina, while others chose South Carolina. Not knowing that if they were to buy a winning ticket in North Carolina, they could be saving millions.

"No, I didn't know that" Fields said.

"That was a surprise. I had no idea," Stangroom added.

It's because South Carolina's state income tax is 7 percent, but in North Carolina, the state income tax is 5.75 percent because taxes are paid in the state the ticket is purchased. A winning ticket bought in North Carolina would be worth millions more.

Some believe if more people knew, they'd would be lining up at the state line especially for a pot this big.

"They'd line up knee deep to get them," Fields said.

Others opted to buy a ticket in both states anyway.

"Just because we're that close to another state. I just thought it would be fun to buy one in South Carolina as well as where we live," Stangroom explained.

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