Conway business owners catch alleged shoplifters on camera

Conway business owners catch alleged shoplifters on camera

Two business owners in Conway say their stores were hit by the same two women. They're accused of taking hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise, and their crimes were all caught on camera.

"I could tell, you know, immediately what they had came in here to do, with the intent to steal," April Todd, owner of Pink Ivy in Conway, said."One of the girls just kept giggling and smirking and just looking back up at my employee that was behind the counter. You could just tell by the way she was acting she was up to no good."

Todd said surveillance video caught the two women red handed Friday afternoon.

"A lot of hard work goes into building a small business and for someone to come in here and just take from you like that, it makes me very angry," Todd said.

The women reportedly got away with about $75 in merchandise from Pink Ivy, but it was the store next door, Oh Sew Cute, that was hit the hardest..

"I work very hard for I felt like they just slapped me in the face," Summer Hucks, owner of Oh Sew Cute, said.

She estimated that about $300 in clothing was taken from her store. Both businesses were able to catch the crimes on camera, something the stores' owners say is invaluable in catching the women responsible.

"I'd say if you don't have surveillance you definitely need to get it because you never know when this will happen to you," Todd said.

"I just hope that they see we are a small tight knit community when you come here when you mess with one of us you've got the whole town that you have to answer to," Hucks said. "I hope they see you can't take from us...we will not allow it."

Both store owners have filed reports with the Conway Police Department.

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