Man shot and killed outside of a night club, four arrested

Man shot and killed outside of a night club, four arrested

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A 31-year-old Loris man is dead after a fight broke out outside of a night club. Four men are arrested connected to the shooting.

According to the Horry County Police Department, the shooting happened just outside of what used to be Dozier's Grocery off of Highway 905 in Conway.

"It was one of those late night types of places. It was an after-hours club, for lack of a better term. And there was some kind of argument there, between several people. And that argument ended with somebody getting a firearm and shooting and killing somebody else," Lt. Raul Denis said.

23-year-old Devin T. Wilson is charged with Murder and 22-year-old Devon O. Clark, 20-year-old Leveon Edwards, and 23-year-old Timothy J. Jacobs are all charged with Accessory after the Fact to Murder.

Police say they've been trying to crack down on crime stemming from these kinds of establishments.

"The club is operating way after hours, out in a very different place, with no security, with no real system to protect anyone in, anyway. And it's risky to go out there in the first place. But apparently it draws a crowd," Lt. Denis said.

On the doors of this particular club is a list of rules. No weapons, no baggy clothing, no purses or bags, and asking for ID's.

The owner showed a WMBF News crew exactly where the shooting happened, just feet away from the parking lot.

The owner said he wasn't there at the time of the shooting, and was shocked when he heard the news.

Police say this isn't the only time they've seen violence break out in an after-hours club.

"When we know the party's happening, we try to swing by there. Unfortunately we don't always know when the party is going. A lot of these clubs don't work every day they just open up for a specific party and they won't open up for several weeks or longer sometimes," Denis explained.

"We need to understand these places can be dangerous, obviously we've had a number of incidents in the last 18 months in these places... Be mature…be responsible. If you see that things aren't going in a good direction then leave," he added.

Police say they are continuing to go to these bars and clubs and make sure owners have the proper licensing.

"If we know of a club operating, we'll go by and we'll meet the owners, and check their licensing and things of that nature, and if we catch them operating without a license and we can shut them down, we usually will," Lt. Denis explained.

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