Woman charged for biting off part of Walmart employee's finger during altercation

Woman charged for biting off part of Walmart employee's finger during altercation

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF News) - A woman is facing charges after reportedly biting off part of Walmart employee's finger during an altercation on Sunday.

Carolynn Wright faces assault and battery charges for the incident that started when she tried to take a number of items from the Seaboard Street store around 2 p.m., according to a Myrtle Beach Police report.

Officers said in the report that when they arrived on scene, they noticed a piece of a finger belonging to a loss prevention officer who worked for Walmart.

The victim reported that, along with another loss prevention officer, she had attempted to stop Wright from leaving the store after they noticed her hiding merchandise.

She reportedly tried to steal condoms, lubricant, panties, a camisole, bra, and other clothing items. At this point, police reports say an altercation ensued.

Wright allegedly punched one of the Walmart employees in the side of the head. She also reportedly bit down on the other employee's finger, refusing to let go, ultimately causing a portion of the victim's finger to be bitten off.

A customer tried to help by attempting to call 911. According to police reports, the woman dropped her phone, and before she could pick it up, Wright grabbed it and would not let it go. When the customer reached to get her phone back, Wright reportedly grabbed the customer's hair, and in an attempt to free herself, the customer told police she punched the offender in the face.

When Wright finally got away, she ran to a vehicle waiting for her outside. The driver told police Wright told him to "run" and "drive!" He told police, at that point, someone was standing in front of his vehicle blocking his way.

The police report said the loss prevention officer injured in the incident required stitches and her finger tip was not able to be reattached.

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