Florence Gun Show sees spike in sales after president announces executive order on gun control

Florence Gun Show sees spike in sales after president announces executive order on gun control

MYRTLE BEACH (WMBF) - The coordinators of the Florence Gun show this week say they are seeing bigger crowds than usual and that it is a result of the President's new outline for gun control. Around 3 to 4 thousand people are expected to come through the doors of the Florence Civic Center for the show this weekend with everything from Revolutionary War muskets to the most modern weapons. The gun show comes to Florence 3 times a year, but seller Andrew Farley says this weekend business is booming. "4 or 5 times more people here today than there was in September," he says.

But the numbers come to no surprise for many of these longtime sellers. David Chandler from Seneca says the buyers react every time there is a major gun control change or shooting event. This week, there is one big topic of discussion. He's talking about President Obama's recent announcement of his executive action to boost background checks for gun buyers and sellers as well as increase ATF agents, mental health treatment, and gun safety technology.

Mike Kent is host of the Florence gun show and others across the southeast. He says such changes in gun law are good for business right now, but may not be in the long-run. He tells, "It's a positive from a business standpoint, but it's a negative for the American citizen when it tries to interfere with their 2nd Amendment rights."

Most of the gun sellers say that while their customers may be reacting swiftly to the president's announcement, such changes won't affect them as much people think. Andrew Farley says, ""Adding more ATF agents, that's not changing anything, that's not banning guns, not making it harder to buy them or anything like that."

"What's weird though is he brings up background checks for gun shows and stuff, but 90 percent of the people here already do background checks," adds David Chandler. Right now, individuals at gun shows can still buy weapons without background checks, however the federal licensed dealers at the show do have to submit to background checks. With double the number of people at his table in Florence than usual, Chandler says he's happy to follow the president's rules as long as he can keep up his business.

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