Nearly $10,000 in merchandise stolen from Myrtle Beach shop

Nearly $10,000 in merchandise stolen from Myrtle Beach shop

Nearly $10,000 worth of merchandise was stolen from a Myrtle Beach business early Saturday morning.

Police reports say someone broke into the Purple Haze Smoke Shop off Seaboard Street.

The report detailed that it seemed the suspect knew exactly what he or she was looking for, taking several items from the shelves in the high-priced cabinet in the back of the store.

Officers then checked the security cameras mounted inside the business. They discovered the power had been cut off to the store.

"The offender knew enough about the building itself that the main power box behind the store was cut off before making entry," the police report said. "Also, the business next store power was also cut off so their cameras outside were disabled."

Officials said the last time the cameras recorded was 4:21 a.m. Then, it appeared, the power was turned back on manually at 5:40 a.m.

The police report also noted that a separate Purple Haze location in Socastee was hit as well, while officers were still on scene at the Seaboard location.

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