Myrtle Beach to increase security at city council meetings

Myrtle Beach to increase security at city council meetings

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Anyone entering city council meetings at the Ted Collins Law Enforcement Center will now have to walk through a metal detector first.

"I'm glad to hear that we're doing something," City Councilman Randal Wallace said. "You like to think something like what we've seen happen all over the country won't happen here, but you never know."

The city court already uses the metal detector multiple days a week, so City Spokesperson Mark Kruea said it's an easy way for the city to increase security during council meetings without any extra cost.

This means no guns, pocket knives or other potential weapons will be allowed into the meetings.

The metal detector has been used for city council meetings previously, specifically in the years immediately following September 11.

Kruea said the fact that the meetings are held in the law enforcement center means they're already quite secure.

Nothing specific happened locally to spur the increased security, but recent events around the country pushed the city to start thinking more about safety.

"You can't help but notice there have been incidents not only here in South Carolina, but around the country and around the world, so security is at the top of everybody's mind right now," Kruea said.

The metal detector will be used for city council meetings starting Tuesday. Kruea said the city is also considering adding security at other public meetings and events.

Horry County recently added two sheriff's deputies to the magistrate office in Myrtle Beach, said Sherri Smith, of HCSO.

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